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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent: Level 1: Setup and Overview

SQL Server Agent is a Microsoft Windows service that allows a DBA to automate administrative tasks. SQL Server Agent can run jobs, monitor SQL Server, and process alerts. The SQL Server Agent service must be running before any jobs scheduled to execute automatically can be run

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2020-02-19 (first published: )

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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent - Level 2: Job Steps and Subsystems

SQL Server Agent jobs are made up of a series of one or more Job Steps. A job step is assigned to a specific job subsystem, which identifies the kind of work the job step is going to perform. Each job step runs in a separate security context, although each job also has an owner that determines who can modify the job.

2017-10-11 (first published: )

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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent - Level 9: Understanding Jobs and Security

Security is a confusing topic to many, especially when it comes to understanding what rights are needed to monitor and use SQL Server Agent. This article will examine the rights and roles used for SQL Server Agent, as well as the security context requirements for jobs.

2014-04-16 (first published: )

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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent - Level 8: Using External programs with SQL Server Agent

One common usage of SQL Server Agent historically has been the ability to shell out to the operating system and run command line programs, using SQL Server Agent primarily as a job scheduler. This article will examine the pros and cons of using the SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2 Powershell subsystem versus the CmdExec subsystem to perform tasks in the Operating System.


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Stairway to SQL Server Agent

Stairway to SQL Server Agent - Level 7: Working with the SQL Server Agent Job Activity Monitor

The Job Activity Monitor is the system administration tool to run jobs, view job history, and enable/disable jobs. This article will also review some of the stored procedures run by the Job Activity Monitor that you can also use directly to do your own custom job monitoring.


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