SQL Server Agent Roles

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  • Nice straight forward question --- Thanks Steve

    If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.


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  • Yeah I got it. I got 1.

  • Seems vaguely similar to another question in recent (maybe not so recent) past.

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  • Quite easy, as the question on 7 February asked which role was the least privileged 🙂

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  • Nice Easy question - thanks.

  • Nice start to the day. 2 points in a row now - must be on a roll

  • tim.kay (2/28/2012)

    Nice start to the day. 2 points in a row now - must be on a roll

    I too am on a roll - that's one in a row!

  • Thanks Steve, easy point today

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  • For the first time since I am a member, I am happy to say that it was an easy one 🙂


  • good question!!!


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  • Nice change of pace. Thanks for the question. But, a bit too many incorrect answers for an easy question.

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  • Good one 🙂


  • Nice and straightforward.

    A bit easy coming so soon after another question about relative privileges of these roles, though.


  • Nice and easy.... not used to this.

    Scared that 25% got it wrong.

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