Service Broker (SSSB)

Handling Service Broker Errors

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The previous installment of the 'SQL Server 2005 Express Edition' series discussed using transactions to protect the integrity and consistency of Service Broker-based communication. Depending on the type of issue encountered by our code, the outcome might be different from expected. This article demonstrates a more robust approach to error handling and applies it to our target.


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Security Context of Service Broker Internal Activation

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The previous installment of "SQL Server 2005 Express Edition" discussed Service Broker's internal activation, which allows you to automate communication between initiator and target. Unfortunately, there are some caveats related to its security context. This article describes their specifics and provides a couple of methods to eliminate any undesirable side effects they introduce.


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Configuring Anonymous Dialog Security in SQL Server 2005 Express Service Broker Conversation

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Recent installments of our series have discussed configuring Service Broker full dialog level security, which required a mechanism to facilitate the exchange of certificates between communication partners. In this article, we will present an alternative approach, which eliminates this requirement by relying on anonymous dialog security.


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