Service Broker (SSSB)

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Building the MSDN Aggregation System

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After agreeing on our design goals we began looking for technologies to support them. It turned out that SQL Server™ Service Broker offered the asynchronous messaging support we needed and, since the message-queuing infrastructure is tightly integrated with the SQL Server database engine, our existing database backup, administration, and failover procedures could cover our messaging solution as well.


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The SQL Server Postal Service

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One way to understand Service Broker is to think of it as a postal service. New author Sachin Dedhia brings us a fantastic introduction to the Service Broker including the code to setup and begin working with queues, conversations and contracts. If that doesn't make sense, you need to read this article.

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An Introduction to the Service Broker Part 2

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One of the less exciting, but perhaps very powerful new features in SQL Server 2005, the Service Broker is an asynchronous communications method. MVP Srinivas Sampath brings us the second part of his series looking at what you can accomplish with a practical example.

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