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How to create and refresh development and test databases automatically, using SQL Clone and SQL Toolbelt

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Phil Factor shows how a set of Redgate tools can be used together, via PowerShell, to build a database from object-level source, stock it with data, document it, and then provision any number of test and development servers. Before tearing down and rebuilding a database to a new version, we take care to save any DDL changes made to the existing copy.


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RE: special situation... full text search for anything?

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Not exactly sure about your question, but : SELECT fulltextcatalogproperty('Catalogue_name', 'PopulateCompletionAge')  Returns the difference in seconds between the completion of the last full-text index population and 01/01/1990 00:00:00. This can be manipulted according to the requirement.


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RE: pass-through query problems

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The function is now working, though I  did have to specify the master database - it did not find xp_sendmail via "db_applications".  I am having trouble capturing the return code values (boolean) and/or result sets (from Books Online: Result Sets: xp_sendmail returns this message: "Mail sent").   I would like to return both.  I used your […]


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Validating Stored Procedure results

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Does anyone know a way to validate the results of a stored procedure?  I have a routine that checks for updates to procedures and validates the format of the data returned but the only way I can do that is to dump the results to a temp table.  I can't insert into a temp table […]


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