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Performance Design Tip for Power BI: Be Careful of Dates

  • DatabaseWeekly

I have written about Date Dimension in Power BI in many posts, and it makes sense now to explain one of the most common performance challenges that I see in some of the models. Sometimes, your model size grows significantly big, and you have no idea...

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Technical Article

Power BI, Caching, Parallelism And Power Query Refresh Performance

  • DatabaseWeekly

Some time ago a customer of mine (thank you, Robert Lochner) showed me a very interesting scenario where a set of Power Query queries in Power BI Desktop refreshed a lot faster with the “Enable Parallel Loading Of Tables” option turned off.

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Code signing for mere mortals


Well, turns out code signing is pretty complex, so I’m writing this blog post...

Blogging for the Tech Professional at Denver Dev Days


For those that attended my talk at Denver Dev Days, here are the slides:...

Getting AI Written Unit Tests


As a part of my AI experiments, I decided to ask CoPilot to write...

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