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RE: Date Conversion

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This is a cool date format function I found a while back.  See header comments for credits.../* ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Author: Rusty Hansen 8-21-2001 Description: Formats a date to a specific format. Parameters:      @dDate = A value or field of datatype datetime or a value or field that can be explicitly converted to               a datetime […]


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RE: I need a replacement! (Chicago Suburbs)

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Hi Josh Is this a consulting position or a permanent one ? Also would the company sponsor visa (H1 B) ? I have a Masters from Louisiana State University and am currently working on Sql Server Reporting Services/VB.NET and I have about 4 years of experience with Sql Server 2000. Dinakar


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Reinstalling OS

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Hi, I want to reinstall OS on one of the clustered nodes(Node1) since it is giving us problems. My question is how do we do this, Can we take node1 offline after moving all the resources to Node2 and than uninstall the OS and reinstall the OS and connect to the cluster. Is this possible? […]



Daily Coping 1 Dec 2022


Today’s coping tip is to discover your artistic side. Design a friendly greeting card....

New Database Job – The 6 Month Plan


So, we made it through our first 90 days, things start getting tougher now...

SQL Homework – December 2022 – What’s new in SQL Server?


SQL Server 2022 has been released! Long live SQL Server! No really, I’ve still...

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