Maintenance and Management


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An update to sp_spaceused2. This update fixes some problems related to dbs that are non-accessible such being offline. This stored proc can be run from any database when compiled in master and can report information on all databases at once. Get information on all dbs, one db, one db and all its tables or one […]


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Server User Access

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This script runs from the master database and records all the databases on the server. It then checks each database for users and records their name and the database(s) on which they have access. You can then create a nice cross tab report using any report designer (I used crystal) showing users on the databases […]


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Monitor File Growth - Set Based sp_MSforeachdb

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This is a script, similar to some you have seen in the past, that will monitor file growth on all databases for the given server. This script is not a fancy solution that has a tons of bells and whistles but, it is efficient. The script is a concantanation of the create table / populate […]

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Query to Display Trigger Status

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Ever wanted to know whether your triggers are enabled or not? The ObjectProperty command allows you to select information about the status of objects in your database, returning 1 for True and 0 for False. The example below determines whether a single trigger is disabled. SELECT ObjectProperty(object_id('Trigger_Name'), 'ExecIsTriggerDisabled') There are a number of other useful […]

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