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Correction to "drop/recreate objects" script.

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Regarding the recent script I submitted (dropping/recreating all procedures/views) - I made an important oversight. I neglected to add a CASE statement in order to make sure that the appropriate type of object was being referenced in the DROP statement.Below is the corrected script:

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Drop and re-create all stored procedures or views

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There are times when you may need to drop and re-create all stored procedures and/or views in your database.  For example, in cases where procedures or views are causing blocked locks or other performance problems, a recent article (http://www.sswug.org/see.asp?s=1166&id=13448) suggested dropping/re-creating procedures and views after a service pack has been installed.  The installation of a […]

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SP to display locking users in tree format

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This SP will give a listing of users blocking and being blocked in a tree formation (similar to explorer tree list). It uses a User defined function that recurses through the locking information gathered from sysprocesses. The listing only shows the Hostname (username) and the SPID.First create the User Defined Function (Part One) then create […]

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System Lock Snapshot

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This script captures the current system lock in a temp table, then builds a temp translation table for database and object id by iterating through all of the databases.  It then produces a report by joining the two tables.For better performance, you could make the translation table perminante and only update it when you are […]


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sp_lock2  = sp_lock +shows database and object name

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sp_lock2 is similar to sp_lock, except that it displays the database name, object name and index name instead of the ids.  It accepts no parameters unlike the sp_lock procedure which can take an optional spid parameter. The basis for the main query which queries the system tables for lock info was taken from the sp_lock […]

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Show Blocking and Wait time

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When executed against a database in which blocking occur, below script will report lockType, Object waited for and current Wait times. The script requires access to master..systables. The script queries syslockInfo (as does sp_lock), but further joins sysprocesses with an interpretation of waitresource matching SQL Server 7.0 and SQL Server 2000.


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