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SSIS - Code Reuse and Complex Control Flows

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SQL Server 2005 Integration Services is an incredibly powerful, but complex environment for creating ETL packages. Kristian Wedberg brings us a new article on reusing some of your code and some complex looping structures that you might want to use in your applications.

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SQL Server 2005 - SQL Server Integration Services - Part 6

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In this article, we are continuing coverage of Foreach Loop container functionality, by discussing different types of loop enumerators. So far, we have presented methods for working with files in a folder as well as records in a recordset (using Foreach File and Foreach ADO enumerators, respectively). Our next enumerator is based on the SQL Server Management Objects technology (hence it is referred to as the SMO enumerator), which is the SQL Server 2005, .NET-based management framework providing replacement for COM-based DMO (Distributed Management Objects) that served an equivalent role in earlier versions of SQL Server.


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SQL Server Integration Services - Part 5

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We will continue our review of Foreach enumerators starting with Foreach ADO, since this one probably qualifies as the most popular choice in its category. This is due to the fact that ADO recordsets offer a convenient way of dealing with data sources, regardless of their type (for example, within SSIS, you can easily populate a recordset by executing a SQL query or by reading the content of a flat file)


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Portable DTS Packages

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Moving DTS Packages from one SQL Server 2000 server to another can be a real hassle. There are any number of issues that occur whenever you seek to use a package on different servers. New author Jonathan Stokes brings us a technique he's used many times to build portable DTS packages.

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