SSIS - Code Reuse and Complex Control Flows

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  • Nice article!


  • Nice one Kristian. Reusability is key to the SSIS architecture. There's lots of possibilities in v1 with much more to come in v2 I'm *sure*!


  • Thanks guys, glad you liked it!


  • It IS a very good article and a long time in coming.  We've been able to stretch the DTS considerably with setting global variables.  Never did get looping figured out in SQL 2000 so our solution?  Cheat.

    We had a stored procedure do the looping and then set the variables it needs through a temporary table, as below:

     while ( @TName is not null )


      print 'TableName is ' + @TName

      exec master..xp_cmdshell 'dtsrun /S"ServerName" /E /N"ReUsableDTSName"'

      if @TName = @TNameLast break


      set rowcount 1

      select @TName = TableName

      from LastUpdated

      where TableName not in (

       select TableName

       from  DenverStats )

      order by TableName

      set rowcount 0



    It wasn't the most elegant solution, but it worked for getting the rowcounts for every table in the database of a remote Oracle schema.  It takes a while to learn but global variables have saved me a lot of copy/paste.  Thanks for bringing it up.


  • I am attempting to use a for loop construct to pass a user variable into a script which will be used in the Select statement as a parameter. Reading your discussion helps me understand the for loop, but I don't see how I could pass a variable. Any thoughts or ideas?

  • It's not clear from your post where you're running the select; in script task, in execute sql task, or in data flow?

  • Sorry Kristian,

    I have data flows developed that execute the SQL in OLE DB Source objects. That is where the Parameter is located.


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