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Upgrading SQL Server 2000 DTS Packages to SSIS

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If you're like Brian Knight, you probably have dozens if not hundreds of DTS packages running around that you're terrified to touch. SQL Server 2005 has some interesting methods to upgrade your packages to SSIS with minimal effort. This article shows you a few ways that you can use to upgrade and some of the drawbacks.

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2008-05-23 (first published: )

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SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, Part 2: Developing Custom Compon

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The first phase of Project REAL included the migration of existing SQL Server 2000 DTS packages to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) for a large electronic retailer. One source of information for the data warehouse was from TLog files, which contained data from point-of-sale cash registers in stores. TLog files store data in packed decimal format. To extract and transform this data into a format suitable for loading into the relational data warehouse tables, it was necessary to unpack and parse the files. To achieve this, custom pipeline components were implemented to read and transform the data by extending the SSIS object model. This paper discusses what we learned while implementing the pipeline components for extracting and parsing data from the TLog parser


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SSIS Packages are Encrypted by Default

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By default, SSIS files in development are encypted to prevent an unauthorized person from seeing your SSIS package. The type of encyrption is seamless behind the scene and is at a workstation and user level. So, if you were to send a package that you're developing to another developer on your team, he would not be able to open it by default. This shows you how to fix this problem.


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An Elegant ETL Solution: Except for Lost Data

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An early adopter of SQL Server 2005 found some issues with Integration Services. And he shows how it was debugged and the issue solved. This is a great look at some of the helpful parts of Intration Services in solving problems as well as a few places it falls short.

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Checksum Transformation

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The Checksum Transformation computes a hash value, the checksum, across one or more columns, returning the result in the Checksum output column. The transformation provides functionality similar to the T-SQL CHECKSUM function, but is encapsulated within SQL Server Integration Services, for use within the pipeline without code or a SQL Server connection.


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