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SQL Server 2005 - SQL Server Integration Services - Package Management

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Throughout our series of articles dedicated to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services, we have been working mainly with packages using the Business Intelligence Development Studio interface (although more recently, we also discussed SSIS-related functionality available in SQL Server Management Studio). Even though, as part of our exercises, we have worked with a number of packages, we have not yet explored the various options related to their storage. We will cover them in this article


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SSIS: Using InfoPath XML Files in SSIS XMLSource Adapter

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InfoPath forms can be saved to XML, these XML Files can later be used in SSIS XMLSource adapter to pull out the data in tables and columns. However, there are some common problems you may meet in these scenarios. This article describes how to work around these potential problems. The issues mentioned in this article is not only specific to InfoPath files, it can also be referenced in other similar situations as well.


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An Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services

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This paper discusses the challenges that face businesses that rely on data integration technologies to provide meaningful, reliable information to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s business world. It discusses how SQL Server 2005 Integration Services (SSIS) can help Information Technology departments meet data integration requirements in their companies. Real-world scenarios are included.


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