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RE: Cursor not working

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quote: These guys are right. You don't need a cursor to do the update. Also, let me suggest that you wrap the update statement in a transaction. BEGIN TRAN...COMMIT TRAN. When you are ready to run the code, use begin tran and the update statement without the commit tran. You should see how many records […]


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RE: How to know when File is done FTPing?

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Check the file size. One minute later check it again - if same, you can assume its finished. If you aren't on a fast network then stretch it out to five minute checks. Another alternative is to not use the FTP object, instead running a batch file that does the ftp then as the next […]


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RE: awe (Address Windowing Extensions) on S2K SP3

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To use AWE memory, you must run the SQL Server 2000 database engine under a Windows 2000 account that has been assigned the Windows 2000 lock pages in memory privilege. To obtain the correct amount of SQL Server memory usage, you can use the Total Server Memory (KB) performance counter, activated through System Monitor, or […]


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RE: SQL Server Considerations

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Dear pro2003, My first question is - what're we gonna call you in 2004? ok - here's one guy's humble opinion: #1: listen to mccork on hardware - very important - get a REAL server... #2: ram on pII machines is cheap, ram on REAL servers is not - you might have to fight the […]



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