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Error Logging Gone Wild

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Many of have applications that log errors to a table. Ever thought about what happens when an application starts to throw a lot of errors? This article looks at the problem and some of the responses you might consider having ready in case it happens to you!

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XML Bulk Load - getting the XSD

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Hi all, I am trying to get this damned SQL XML Bulk Load to work and I have found that I can pass the ADO command to load it into the database.The 2 parameters I need are:1.) The XSD2.) The XML file to importThe problem I have is that the XSD file I have is […]


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RE: Using GetDate() in a User Defined Function

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Here's a quote from BOL: "Built-in nondeterministic functions are not allowed in the body of user-defined functions." Getdate() is, of course, non-deterministic, as it "may return different values when called with the same input parameters" (input parameters being effectively NULL in this case). I haven't tried this, but you might be able to get round […]


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What Do I Do to Relax?


I’ve republished an editorial today from another author, called What do you do to...

Daily Coping 9 Dec 2022


Today’s coping tip is to find out something new about someone you care about....

Advent of Code 2022


Foreword Advent of Code is an annual event in which participants solve a series of...

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