Entity Framework

Introducing ADO.NET Entity Framework

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The challenge of bringing data from efficient storage engines such as SQL Server into object-oriented programming models is hardly a new one. Most developers address this challenge by writing complex data access code to move data between their applications and the database. This requires an understanding of the database so that you can access data either from the raw tables, from views, or from stored procedures.


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Intro to Entity Framework with SQL Server

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I'm a DBA and the developers in my organization are starting to use something called the Entity Framework (EF) in their applications. The developers are telling me that with EF you don't use stored procedures, you simply write .NET code to perform all of your data access. When I use the SQL Server Profiler to take a look at what they're doing, all I see is a bunch of dynamic SQL being executed. Naturally I'm a little skeptical of this, so can you help me to understand what is this Entity Framework?


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