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Quick Blog: Making the Power BI PowerShell cmdlets easier to use


One of the top reasons I love PowerShell so much is that from the...

Trouble writing? Join the club. #JustWriteTech


I was talking with  a couple of excellent SQL people* recently, and we were bemoaning...

Check Query Progress with Live Query Stats


This is something I touched on back in 2017 a little after the Live...

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Is Data the Future of the Vibrant Web?

By Steve Jones - SSC Editor

Comments posted to this topic are about the item Is Data the Future of...

Best way to write query that shows orders that\'ve purchased 2 specific products?

By Goalie35

Basically, I just want to write a cleaner query than what I have, which...

slow database performance

By vsamantha35

Hi All, Last week we got users complaining about specific database performance and they...

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