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If I restore a database without an ODBC datasource setup will it fail?

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I have tried to restore a database using a different computer than usual, which did not have the ODBC datasource setup for the database concerned.  The database is basically stuffed - I got an error message stating "modify file encountered operating system error 112..."When I installed SQL Server on this computer I set it up […]


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RE: Stored Proc and Master DB

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I don't know how are you using the parameter but this sholud helpyou going Declare @str varchar(200) SET @str = DB_NAME()--Assuming is going to be runned from other databases only --otherwise use dbname as a parameter +'.dbo.sp_helprolemember ' + '''' + 'RoleName' + '''' --print @str exec (@str) I don't know why can't the "plus" […]


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RE: datawarehouse with DTS + stored procs only ?

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quote: Our warehouse is currently 26+ Gigs and we load it with delta's daily in under 2 hours (along with the recon reports for balancing). Our datawarehouse is currently only ODS (ADS to be started soon) and 160+Gigs. Our daily loads (including reindexing and reporting) must stay under 12 hours. Can you give an idea […]



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