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Incident Response - The Framework

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Do you have a SQL Server disaster plan? What about something less than a disaster? Steve Jones has worked more than his share of disasters or incidents, some of them self-inflicted. He's taken some of his experience and started a new series looking at a framework for dealing with incidents. Read part 1 about getting prepared.


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Backup Scenarios for successful SQL Server Restores and Recovery

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SQL Server has a great backup and recovery architecture, but you have to know how to properly configure and use the server to ensure that you will not be seeking new employment anytime soon. A few of the Sonasoft team have written this short piece on strategies for setting up your backup jobs to ensure recovery in the event of a disaster. Welcome new authors Bilal Ahmed, Kiran Kumar, and Vas Srinivasan.

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Save Yourself - Recovering from an XP Disaster

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How many of you dig into Windows XP extensively? Working with hardware and the OS isn't something that many DBAs deal with these days. Most companies have an admin to work on servers, hardware, workstations, etc. But sometimes you need to help yourself out. Steve Jones had to work to get his laptop back after an XP disaster. Read on and hopefully this will help you one day recover your system.


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Mini Disaster - AC Failure

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Are you prepared to handle a full or partial failure of your AC system? Ever thought about what would happen if it did happen. Once again Andy offers comments on a real world incident. While we'd all like to think it will never happen to us, we think sharing these incidents is a great way to prevent it from happening to others.


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