Incident Response - Responding to an Incident

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  • One other to mention: Sometimes standards need to be relaxed.

    Our standard dress code is business casual (dockers and polo shirts/dress shirts). We are all backoffice (no customers) Our hours are 8-5 with some support for another timezone until 7P.

    We had a server/power crash at 11:00AM on a Tuesday. Wiped out the main oracle sys.ora file. I'm the DBA - found out we hadn't gotten good cold backups for 2 days - we did have a good dump. So it became a rebuild from scratch - est 12-16 hours.

    I stayed till 7:00P making sure the rebuild was going okay, then go home for 2 hours, eat and change into jeans and am back at 9:00P. Rebuild finishes at 4A. Finish clean-up on recovery by 4:30A. Crash on the couch for ~2 hrs waiting for the accountants to come in and confirm. I'm walking out the door at 9:30AM dead tired heading home.

    Find out through the grapevine that some of the HR staff wanted to write me up for wearing jeans on a bus. casual day. My supervisor and AVP cut them off at the knees. But someone needed to get a clue.

    Jim P.

    A little bit of this and a little byte of that can cause bloatware.

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