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The DBA Whoops

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Ever do something to your SQL Server 2000 server and then realize you've just broken something major? Ever have a moment when you want to go "whoops", but really feel like crying ot running away? Steve Jones just had one of those and gives you a few things to think about when you deal with a situation like that.

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Why bother with backup?

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Backing up SQL Server data is like many of the things we do because we figure we need to. It is good for you, like eating a good diet and getting exercise. Unfortunately, folks are often about as successful with SQL Server backups as they are with diet and exercise.

This is the first in a series of articles covering SQL Server database backup. The series starts from the very basics of why database backup is important. The question of why to backup a database can inform many other decisions.


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Worst Practice - Detailed Disaster Plans

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Another in our series of things you should avoid at all costs. Seems silly at first, not having a detailed recovery plan for your SQL Server. Perhaps it is, but having dealt with any number of problems over the last few years, Steve Jones has some ideas why a detailed plan may not be the best thing to spend your time on.

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