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The CEO’s Guide to The Top 5 Issues that Misguide Business Intelligenc

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When considering business intelligence (BI) software, it is essential to be aware of underlying issues that can seriously impact on your bottom line. In a country where most businesses have information stored in several different databases, it’s no secret that the BI strategy you choose will effect your profit and loss target. From data collection and integration to data analysis, the holy grail of Business Intelligence software combines your disparate databases to provide a decision support system that will enable you to make key conclusions using all of the available information.


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IT leaders from enterprises around the world have realized that acquiring and implementing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application packages is a smarter thing to do, than the traditional approach of developing home-grown applications. This may not be the fit-for-all solution, but it makes sense from a cost, time to market and resource standpoint. Selection and acquisition of the software package is just the first step. How the software package brings value through successful implementation, is critical to the business. Internal groups as well as industry analysts will closely watch COTS package implementation in the organization.


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