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Reduce heap table fragmentation

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A table that does not have a clustered index is referred to as a Heap. While a lot has been written about index fragmentation and how to defrag indexes, there is not much that talks about how to defrag a heap table.


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RE: SP Problem With VB6

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You could have coded your SP as follows CREATE PROCEDURE usp_check_login   @username varchar(20),   @password varchar(20) AS   SET NOCOUNT ON   SELECT user_id,     user_active as login_active,     user_loginattempts as login_attempts,     user_type   FROM tbl_user   WHERE user_username = @username AND user_password = @password   RETURN @@ROWCOUNT GO That way you could use your RETURN_VALUE to determine whether or not your user […]


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RE: How to format DateTime?

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just get rid of the time part on the input and sample dates. Method1 casting as int Cast(@inputDate1 as int) Method2 remove time part @newinputdate = Cast(Convert(varchar(10),@inputDate, 101) as datetime) Method3 you could use acombination of DateDiff using 'd' as the difference HTH


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InvalidAbfsRestOperationException in Azure Synapse notebook


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What do we want to achieve by encrypting our data?


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