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Getting Starting with Database Engine Tuning Advisor in SQL Server – Part 1

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There are different techniques to optimize the performance of SQL Server queries but wouldn’t it be great if we had some recommendations before we started planning or optimizing queries so that we didn’t have to start from the scratch every time? This is where you can use the Database Engine Tuning Advisor utility to get recommendations based on your workload.


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I use SET TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL in all my reporting where the data does not have to be up to the minute (which is most reports most of the time, if you think about it. You could also use WITH (NOLOCK) query hints on the individual tables, which amounts to the same thing, but can […]


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RE: best way to send email from SQL Server 2000?

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Go to for a SQL Mail alternative.  I am using SQL Mail on several servers.  I haven't had problems getting it configured -- but then we are on Exchange.  But, I find that SQL Mail is not always reliable.  If the Exchange server goes down for maintenance, I sometimes have to reboot the SQL Server […]



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