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Monitoring SQL Servers Availability

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How many SQL Server instances are you running? Do you ever have customers calling you stating that their application is not working, then when you research the problem you find that the instance that supports their application is unavailable? Have you ever had someone mistakenly shutdown the SQL Agent service and forget to restart it, causing a number of scheduled jobs to not be run? One of the tasks of a DBA is to monitor the availability of all SQL Server instances and services.


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Server Consolidation

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Are you thinking about consolidating your SQL Servers on to fewer machines? It is an interesting idea and one that is definitely more possible with SQL Server 2005 and 64-bit servers. Steve Jones takes a look at some of the pros and cons of moving to fewer servers.

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Rebuilding SQL Server Cluster Nodes

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Active/Passive SQL Server 2000 clustering gives more reliability and fault tolerance to Production SQL Server environments. When a failure occurs, all of the resources fail over from the active node to the passive node and make the passive node active. This article explains how to rebuild the node that failed and attach it back to the cluster.


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Sensitivity Ranks

I want to use the ADD SENSITIVITY CLASSIFICATION DDL to mark some columns in my SQL Server 2022 database as PII. Can I use this code?

    LABEL = 'Highly Confidential',
    INFORMATION_TYPE = 'Financial',

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