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RE: SQL Server Maintenanace Plans

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I wrote my own. For the simple reason that the maintenance plans are not sufficient enough. You need to create different maintenance plans for different kind of databases etc.I created some scheduled job's for dumping the database, dumping the logs for databases that have the 'Full' option, re-indexing the databases, checking the databases and update […]


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RE: AWE and MaxMem settings for SQL2K on WS2003-OS Clustered

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From MSDN:On 32-bit versions of Windows, PAE is disabled by default. You must use the /pae boot parameter to enable PAE. However, PAE is automatically enabled when the computer is configured for hot-add memory devices in memory ranges beyond the 4 GB region, as defined by the Static Resource Affinity Table (SRAT). Hot-add memory supports memory […]



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