Script to calculate the Median value for SQL Server data

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The standard SQL language has a number of aggregate functions like: SUM, MIN, MAX, AVG, but a common statistics function that SQL Server does not have is a built-in aggregate function for median. The median is the value that falls in the middle of a sorted resultset with equal parts that are smaller and equal parts that are greater. Since there is no built-in implementation for the median, the following is a simple solution I put together to find the median.


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Pivoting, Unpivoting and Aggregating

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We asked Phil Factor to write a nice simple quick-start guide about aggregation, pivoting and un-pivoting techniques. To do so, he takes us all the way from getting the data from a published source, transferring it to SQL Server, un-pivoting it, storing it in a relational table, aggregating it and finally pivoting the data in a variety of ways.


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