I setup an announcement for today (Sept 14) that the Sept CTP for SQL

Server 2005 was released and that Database Mirroring is disabled. It's

also got more language support and a few other things.

Apparently, however, my coding skills were a bit challenged. I forgot a

primary rule in working with data, especially outside of SQL Server.

      x > "10" does not equal x > 10

I setup a time check based on the current time and a number I was

checking, but I used the first expression, which is a string comparison

expression. So "2", "3", etc. are all > "10". Only "1" would be

less. So the article text got released a little early and hopefully MS

isn't too upset 🙁

I've gotten so used to working with SQL Server data and I always check

the time values when working with dates. In VBScript, however, it's a

little more complicated. I should have used the CINT() function to

ensure I was comparing a numerical value and then comparing that to a

numeric, 10, not "10".