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What Is Really Interesting?


When I wrote the editorial for today on A Humbling Experience,

I was sure that it would generate a bunch of feedback and reads.

Instead, as of 10:00am MST, when there are often 2-3, sometimes 10

posts, there are none. And only 16 reads!!! Probably 6 of those are

mine in getting the ed tested and checking for replies.

It's funny that sometimes I can guesss that certain things will or will

not do well. Like reviews: I know these will usually be 500-800 reads.

It's just not that compelling for most people. However things that are

mistakes, like the In The Real World mistake series Andy and I wrote

and the DBA Whoops will get 4-5000 reads. The articles on NULLs will

get 4000 reads on the first day. As an aside, a normal article usually

gets 1500-2000 reads the first day.

But aside from those, I find myself often surprised by what really gets

the most reads and what generates feedback and interest. I've given up

predicting for the most part, but sometimes I guess just for fun. I

know I certainly couldn't make any money on my prognasticatory skills.