Walking the Line


I have the best job here at SQLServerCentral.com. I work from home, I get to be creative, writing about what I want to write about and work on my own schedule. I've gotten free admissions to the PASS Summit, TechEd, and the MS BI Conference and been offered others.

However it can be aq pain at times. Like today where I've got people banging on me for running an article in today's newsletter. I put the title as "Writing Faster T-SQL" and the description as follows:

All of us would like to code faster and with fewer mistakes. While a

third party tool usualy won't help with the latter, there are a few to

help you increase the speed at which you build readable code. New

author Tom Fisher brings us a short tutorial on using a couple of Red

Gate's tools.

Now I thought it made sense that this was a vendor piece, admittedly, but my vendor of employment. Instead in the discussion I had some complaints that this is becoming a "Red Gate" site and we are running too many vendor things.

I can't quite understand that. We have run 3 reviews of Red Gate products, including today's, this year, but we've run 7 or 8 other vendor's products. We rarely run reviews, and so I can't understand what the extrapolation here is for other users. Are these the "squeeky wheels" or are they representative of 1000 other users.

It's a fine line to walk with Red Gate. They paid a good price for this brand/site and they want to be able to promote their products. To be fair, other than asking me to remove advertising, re-do the newsletter look, and to display their logo, they haven't pushed any content on me. I tend to just do the same things I've always done and this site reflects my feelings, interests, and ideas, not really anyone else's. I guess Brian and Andy's from over the years, but for the most part I decide how the site works and what content appears. I didn't think anything of running the article as it was a nice "how to" tutorial showing off their products. I've actually asked other vendors to do this, but haven't gotten any responses.

So I'm not sure what to do here, but I'd love feedback (sjones at sqlservercentral.com) on what you think.