The PASS Summit Survey Results 2010

, 2010-04-27

I hope there will be more surveys, so I’ll tag this as 2010. The results were released recently, and there were some write-ups on the results. There was the release by PASS, and then a great interpretation (and debate) by Brent Ozar. There are others as well (Brian Kelley, Jack Corbett, Tom LaRock).

The survey was flawed, but aren’t they all? I’m sure PASS would like help in getting another one together, and they have asked. Feel free to contact them with feedback.

However. (you knew that was coming, right?)

There’s an interpretation missing. Why don’t we have an official interpretation of the results from PASS? Why hasn’t the board published something that explains how they viewed the results? Shouldn’t at least a couple of the board members have spent time going over the results by now?

There’s a write-up on the PASS blog on the chapter survey (thanks, Douglas). Transparency was on the last Board agenda in March. People have called for more transparency and communication. There’s a short announcement, but no feedback from board members on how they view the survey.

It’s our fault. We get what we allow, and a few of us make some noise about this, but it’s not enough of you out there that contact PASS and let the board know what you’d like. Too many people sit back and just let PASS happen, or in this case, do very little.

PASS can be a great organization for helping the SQL Server community grow, bond, learn, and become stronger. However it takes a little effort from all of you.

If you read this, take 5 minutes and draft a short email to the PASS board. Ask them to blog, ask them for their interpretation, tell them they’re doing a great job.





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