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The More I Learn


the more I'm sure that I'm getting dumber with SQL Server.

This week I've been working on some QODs based on SQL Server 2005. I've

used some of the articles, white papers, and blog postings that I've

been reading lately to learn a few things about the new features. And

so I fire up my June CTP to do some testing and ensure that the code

compiles and works. Hopefully this will cut down the complaints in the

QOD forums.

But as I work through the different areas, getting 2-3 questions from

each, I'm amazed at how much stuff has changed and how much new stuff

there is in the product. It seems like it grew exponentially whereas

2000 seemed like a point release from 7, which is originally was. This

is a new beast and if you're looking at moving to it, there's some

testing to be done.

Not that things won't work the same that you used in 2000, but you

might have third party products, tools, add-ins, etc that need testing.

I know we've been hoping to get in some testing on our search

component, but time just gets away from me. Maybe next week 🙂


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