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The Events that Brought Me Here


1st event:  I am here because my father wanted to be reunited with his family.  He also hoped that his children would have a brighter future here in America.  My family had survived the killing field, the trip to the refugee camp, by walking all night across landmined fields, and survived daily life at the refugee camp.  This is probably the reason why I will not go camping just for fun.  We reached to the US without a penny in our pockets, and would have not survived without the love and generosity of other people’s support.

2nd event: I was a junior in college who didn’t want to graduate.   I was not sure if I could find a job after receiving my degree.  My only incentive was to stay in college system as long as I could so I could get $1000 per term on top of my work study money.  My major was finance.  In the summer of 1995, I met another student and asked him where  he was working and what other classes  he was taking.  He told me about database concepts, and a database theory classes that he was taking and I could actually imagine the possibilities.  After I talked with him, I marched into the dean’s office and requested that all my computer science credit (C++) be use as a substitute for other prerequisite course to get into IS.  I think this was the biggest turning point in my life.  I ended up graduating in 4 years with a double majors in Finance and IS. 
The sad part is that I forgot what his face looked like, so I can’t go back and thank him for introducing me to database concepts.  

3rd event: My former boss gave me the opportunity to write my own job description and requirements and qualifications for the position that I want to get hired into.   I am thankful for the opportunity that he gave me.  He took the risk of taking an intern with only a knowledge of Access databases and turned me into a great Oracle Developer.  Where ever you are Mike, thank you.

4th event: My coworker, who was the only DBA at that time, needed to take 3 months off from work so that he could return home and choose his bride.   I was a SQL Developer at the time, and he wanted me to cover his work while he is gone.  He was also worried about getting something new if he were to quit this job because of his visa situation.  He figured that he had three month to train me so that I could become a DBA and capable of solving his problem.  I remembered calling him in India when I needed help.  That was the greatest favor from a co-worker that I have ever received.  I received all the help to be successful, and I did the work for two people for the salary of one, but this was the experience that shaped my career today.  He eventually came back and we worked side by side for another year before going our separate way.  We are still good friend after more than ten years later.

Sri, I can’t thank you enough for holding my hand and encouraging me to be a DBA, and setting me up on the right path for success.

This is part of the reason why I encourage my friends, and co-workers current and former, to ask me questions.  I might not know all the answer related to SQL Server, but will try my best. 

In conclusion, what brought me here are the many opportunities that were given to me a child, as a student, as an employee, co-worker and friend.  I work hard to earn the respect and trust of each individual so that they can give me the opportunities to grow.  I can’t imagine who I would be if my family never come to the US.