The Beta Cycle

Steve Jones, 2007-08-14

I live in Denver. That’s in the Mountain time zone, either MDT or MST depending on the time of year, and basically it’s GMT -7.

The new version of the site is being built (hopefully as we speak), but for the most things go like this.

1. Get a build/changes
2. test it, make notes
3. Send a note to the developer
4. Work, play, karate, drink beer, etc.

That’s a day.

Then I get responses the next day because by the time I get to #3, it’s typically afternoon in Denver, which means evening in Cambridge. 1:00pm my time is 8pm their time and even the developers are moving on by then.

This is a similar cycle to what I’ve seen with offshore development in India or China from the US. It’s a 24 hour cycle, but it’s also hard to actually get communication going between us. Mainly because when I’m trying to describe what I’m doing and what I think isn’t working, I might forget something or it might read differently to a developer. Mostly because we’re thinking of it differently.

It’s not like this is a huge failure. In fact I think it’s going pretty well and many of the things that I don’t like or have trouble with are merely a matter of me getting used to a different workflow. I’m still nervous about a cutover this Saturday, especially with a few minor issues that are critical to me, but we’ll see.  





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