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I got asked by someone to technically review their SQL Server 2005

book, so I'm betting that there will be lots of opportunties to learn a

few things as I test code and work with the June CTP in the near future.

I also learned a few things with the September magazine, which focuses

on High Availability in SQL Server. Database snapshots, which are

incredibly easy to use to recover your db to a point in time, are one

article. There's also mirroring, clustering, and partitioning in there.

The snapshot thing is interesting. It makes a copy of changed pages

only, so queries against tables that haven't changed since the snapshot

was created run against the original database. Not such a good idea for

large tables to use this as a development environment. James

Lukehoelter wrote the article and one of his suggestions was to combine

mirroring on another server and then running a snapshot off of that. An

interesting unique solution.


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