T-SQL Tuesday no.61 - Giving Back!

, 2014-12-09

TSQL Tuesday #61 Tis the Season to Be Jolly, as well as giving,

and T-SQL Tuesday’s timely topic on giving back to the SQL Community is brought

to us by Mr. Wayne Sheffield (blog|twitter), who asks us, “In “The Spirit of Giving”, I want

to know how you plan on Giving Back to the SQL Community during the coming year.”  I’ve known Wayne for some time now, and I am

happy to see him as host of this month’s blog party, T-SQL Tuesday  #61, with a great theme to end the year, by

asking us during this holiday season, how we intend to reciprocate and share in

the upcoming New Year 2015! 

Wayne specifically talks in terms of SQL Community, and asks

us questions such as Are you going to start speaking at your local user group?

Speak at your local SQL Saturday? Perhaps step up and help run your local user

group?  As far as this all relates to me,

the answer to all of the above questions, and more, are a resounding “YES”!  In fact, I look forward to 2015 as a truly

exciting year.  Let’s dub 2015 the year

of reciprocity (<noun>

the practice of exchanging

things with others for mutual benefit, especially privileges granted by one person

or organization to another.)

As you may already know, and happy to mention it again and

again here, SQLSaturday

#380 is coming back to the Big Apple, to the place where we actually drop

the ball to usher in the New Year, 11 Times Square, Microsoft  HQ, New York Metro District Office, New York,

NY 10036.  It’s a larger and exciting new

venue, and I’m look forward to see all of you there!  My announcement went out recently on the PearlKnows Blog

here: SQLSaturday

Returns to New York City 2015!

As we know that PASS SQLSaturdays

 are themselves a venue for giving back

to the SQL Community, and sharing one’s efforts and knowledge, so SQL Server

and other IT professionals can learn about SQL and related technologies, or

enhance their education on the latest SQL Server topics.  SQLSaturdays are free 1-day training events

for SQL Server professionals that focus on local speakers, providing a variety

of high-quality technical sessions, and making it all happen through the

efforts of volunteers. Whether you're attending a SQLSaturday or thinking about

hosting your own,

we think you'll find it's a great way to spend a Saturday.  Indeed!

Well, I will be spending the next few months planning and

coordinating this extraordinary event, along with my colleagues James Phillips,

Simon Facer, Erik Darling,

Karla Landrum, Alec Lazarescu and Michael Wells.  All these folks generously give their time to

give back to the SQL Community.

Usually, when SQLSaturday comes to town, my hometown, I pull

out all the stops, and in addition to help with the planning, coordination,

sponsorship acquisitions, soliciting speakers, and promoting the event, I also

intend to present, and likely have my company become a sponsor as well!  Man, I’m tired just thinking about all that 🙂 I'll also be speaking at a number of other SQLSaturday and SQL related events as well.

My presentation, don’t know which one will be selected yet,

usually is one that is well-received by DBAs and non-DBAs.  My #1 goal in giving a presentation is

sharing my knowledge with other professionals. 

Many of them are accidental DBAs or other IT folks wanting to learn the

ropes of what a DBA is and does, along with the technology to enable them to be


From a charitable perspective, I was delighted to be

involved in a worthy cause, Operation

Smile, where the proceeds of the SQL

MVP Deep Dives II went to children who needed surgical repair of their

faces.  We tried to get a Deep Dives

volume III going, but we couldn’t get enough momentum on that, but our efforts

and intentions were to do another charitable project.  I am proud to be in a community of folks who

are doing wonderful and charitable things, dedicating their time to other

world-wide worthy causes.  Always, giving

back, they are selfless and generous folks, and SQL Server professionals to


The first thing I’m going to do for the New Year, with

regard to giving back to SQL community, is host a T-SQL Tuesday myself!  Yep, that’s a preview for the next entry in

the blog party, to join me in kicking off the New Year 2015!  But, let’s keep on topic of this T-SQL

Tuesday, and in my most nasally voice with thick New York accent, “thank you

Mr. Sheffield!” 😉

(No, I’m not from Flushing, Queens)

So, if you would like to join the blog party (started all by

SQL MVP Adam Machanic), your

blog post needs to go live between 00:00 GMT Tuesday, December 9th,

2014 and 00:00 GMT Wednesday, December 10th, 2014. Secondly, your

blog post needs to contain the T-SQL Tuesday logo image on this post, and it

should link back to this Wayne’s

blog invite (trackbacks should work, but it’s a good idea to post a comment

to his post with a link to your post). You’ll also want tweet, if you can about

your post using the #TSQL2sday


Remember the proverb, it's better to give than to receive!  Well, it's almost Christmas so, hopefully you'll get as good as you give 😉

See you next month!






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