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Starting with MS SQL Server


In one of my previous blog ( ) I gave a basic introduction about what is A Database and what is SQL.

Now let us start with basic of Microsoft SQL Server and how to work with it. I am a fan of MS SQL Server. It is easy to use, Developer Friendly, Best performance and much more.

Ideally the first thing should be installation of MS SQL Server. You will find a lot already about it online I will be skipping this. But still, if you find any issue with installation drop your comments.
Connecting the Database Engine through SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Server DB Engine

Database Engine, Analysis (SSAS), Integration (SSIS) and Reporting (SSRS). These all run as service. (We will focus on Database Engine only).

You can manage these service through SQL Server Configuration Manager. If the service is stopped, you will not be able to connect. See an example below.

SQL Server Service stopped.jpg

SQL Server Service stopped error

Note : Any time you see an error shown above, first check the service. If you do not have SQL Server Configuration Manager installed. You can also check the service under ‘Services’(Go To start and type Service). However, Microsoft suggest to do this through configuration manager as it will also take care of any dependent service.

Let us move ahead and connect to our Database Engine, where I can see all my DB’s and other SQL Objects.

SQL Server DB.jpg

In my next continuation I will show how to create a DB and few important properties of DB that can help in maintanenace and performance of DB’s.


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