Interview Query – 1

Somewhere on internet i found this question. Thought to share it with you all.
We have two tables,  school_students and Class_student.

2018-09-17 (first published: )

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Non-Clustered Index

In my previous blog I explained about clustered index ( ).
Considering that we are versed with the concept of heap,...


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Containers: Create a Custom Container


Creating a custom container is where things get truly exciting. There’s actually a ton...

Mini-Rant: Spoofed Phone Numbers and Trust


I’ve seen this more and more over the last year: I receive a phone...

Speaking at SQL Saturday Dallas


Speaking at SQLSaturday Dallas! I’m proud to announce that I will be speaking at SQL...

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The Change Failure Rate

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Reporting Server

By Admingod

I have reporting server which gets replicated from other OLTP server.However, the reporting server...

FlushCache Error Message

By bobba

While analyzing an issue, I stumbled on to a "FlushCache" error message (error log). ...

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