SQL Server 2014: Columnstore Index improvements

, 2013-07-30

In SQL Server 2012, a new feature was added called Columnstore Indexes that resulted in huge query performance improvements.  In SQL Server 2014, there have been two major improvements on this feature:

Clustered: They have enhanced the columnstore to be a pure columnar store, so indexing is no longer required.  The In-Memory ColumnStore for data warehousing is implemented as a clustered columnstore index (or CCI) on a table.  The data in a CCI is grouped and stored for every column in the table.  Unlike the non-clustered columnstore index, the CCI is the data – there is no other underlying data structure

Updatable: You are able to insert, update, and delete data in an existing ColumnStore.  Note that a columnstore index is impossible to update “in-place” due to its highly compressed structure, so “deltastores” are used.  The same solution was done for v2 of PDW

Note you will still be able to create a non-clustered columnstore index which is not updatable.  A table with a clustered columnstore index cannot have any type of nonclustered index.

More info:


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