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SQL Server 2019 GA

Yes, Finally SQL Server 2019 is Generally Available yesterday Nov 4th 2019. It has many great features great videos:    


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Smart Tlog Bkp

another great new feature for SQL Server 2017 is a smart backup with dmv sys.dm_db_log_space_usage this DMV provide log usage information using this we can plan to initiate the...


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Back to school

Hey, I realize that future we need to know Database system, No SQL and Big Data. with that as things are moving to machine learning and AI system which...


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Read-only URL removal

When I blog to configure Read only replica. it would require to provide read-only URL information, and provide the replica sequence. but their is no easy way to remove...


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Error 9002

This is very important error whenever you see this error it is clear that your database has “TLOG FILE FULL” and this could result into maintenance job  failed or...


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Fail to cycle errorlog

sometime we observed that errorlog recycle is failed this happens when we monitor/read errorlog using our monitoring tool or monitoring application/scripts during this task if we want to recycle...


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Azure Data Studeo- Nov 2019 Release


SQL Server Management studio is now can be installed separately not part of SQL...

Azure Synapse Analytics new features


Almost lost in all the announcements from Ignite was a bunch of amazing new...

Docker, Git and DBATools


For those who don’t know, last week was the PASS Summit. It’s an amazing...

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