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Project Management and Advocacy

I’ve observed few similarities between the Project Managers and Advocates. Being Project Manager, law bachelor and little practical experienced as an Advocate, I noticed few similarities. I think it’s...



Azure Storage tips


As a followup to my blog post Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 is GA,...

Managing Agent Jobs on Availability Group Servers


As always, the scripts in this post can also be found on our Git...

Permissions required for row counts to show up on Object Explorer Details


I ran into a rather obscure permissions problem the other day. Since I wasn’t...

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Backup Strategy For distributed availability groups

By juniorDBA13

What is the recommendations for backups in distributed availability groups? I have AG setup...

What happens when I drop a huge table with LOBs? will the space be reused?


Thanks in advance for your help. I have a 5TB database with mutliple filegroups. ...

Surprised that Row_Number() has better performance than IDENTITY

By souLTower

I was doing some testing to see if it's more efficient to use an...

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