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Techorama 2024 – Slides

You can find the slidedeck for my Techorama session “Microsoft Fabric for Dummies” on github.
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Check your regions people

Today I was having a nice discussion with some colleagues about Fabric and pricing/licensing came up. I mentioned an F2 is only around €250 a month, but a colleague...

2024-05-03 (first published: )

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Master Advanced SQL: 2 Essential Courses for Every Data Analyst


If you're a data analyst, you already know that SQL isn't just a nice-to-have...

Friday Flyway Tips–State-based Deployments


Recently the Flyway Desktop (FWD) team release support for state-based deployments. These are similar...

A New Word: Insoucism


insoucism – n. the inability to decide how much sympathy your situation really deserves,...

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