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Weekly reading #20

Being MVP for the #11 straight year is something unique! Thank you! The first week of July has just started. So oficially we have started vacations and the team...


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Weekly reading #19

Good afternoon folks! It is Monday Tuesday already after a long weekend in Poland. I do not know what temperature you have but here we are like in a...


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Breakfast by the sea image

Weekly reading #18

Ready for vacations? The CodingFamily team is almost ready – we have some vacations plans including great conferences during summer and in the autumn. T-SQL bugs, pitfalls, and best...


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Round Table of Coffee

Weekly reading #0x10

This is the blog anniversary! 16th Weekly reading has come into the light! For great articles and a video wait for you! Report Parameter Support for Paginated Report E-Mail...


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Cup and Saucer

Weekly reading #15

SQLDay 2019 is gone. The Data Community.PL has now a new goal – it is the SQL Saturday #914 in Torun. The speakers will be announced after July 30th....


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Truncating very large transaction log in full recovery mode


While I always configure transaction log backups for every database in non-simple recovery model,...

Autonomous Driving Around London


There’s a video of Bill Gates taking a drive in an autonomous car around...

Best way to monitor high worker thread on SQL Server


It is common to see high worker count issue on the production server and...

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multiple PAGELATCH_UP waits on data file

By bobrooney.81

Hi Experts, What is meant by PAGELATCH_UP waittype ? what does it trying to...

dynamic update to SP

By Bruin

Looking for suggestions\examples of how to update a SP that the table used changes...

slow processing

By bobrooney.81

Hi Experts, Yesterday, we ran a program and it has processed 1500 records in...

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