#DPS10 – preconfs


I have delivered a preconf on the biggest conference in Asia. The preconf was about Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning with bonus track about Semi-supervised solutions.

This was really a long day as I started doing the demos at 9am and was (forced) to stop at 6.15PM! I think if I could do more maths the workshop would have lasted at least a week.

I have covered the following topics:

  • what are the steps in the machine learning process
  • how to prepare a data set before the analysis is started
  • how to perform a data analysis process using Python and various machine learning algorithms
  • how to choose a proper machine learning algorithm for each type of problem
  • how to score (evaluate) your model

It was a great workshop as we had a lot discussion at the end and many questions from the participants! I will put the code from the wokshop here on the blog so expect more and more posts coming in the next weeks.



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