Weekly reading #21


Hello, hello! We have just started new week! We missed the weekly reading last time due to travelling across the Europe over the weekend. There is however a lot of material we found for you meanwhile!

Please check also a new series about Machine Learning! Hope you will like the series as there will be more and more deep content very soon. This is due I do have at least three ML workshops and trainings this year!

And do not forget that we have already made four great interviews! And more to come!

[Video] Using Implicit Transactions? You *Really* Need RCSI

Brent obiously does not like implicit transactions! He has published a video explaining why you should stop using implicit transactions. But what if the code has already been written and cannot be changed? Brent has the right answer!

Understanding the application of calculation items

This article explains how calculation items are applied to measure references, and it is part of a series dedicated to calculation groups in DAX

[Pics] Cosmic Notes

Rimma Nehme publishes a lot af great pics illustrating the main concepts of the Azure Cosmos DB. Now you can find them all on the github. An example is here below, but check out the link to find out more!

The July release of Azure Data Studio is now available

So the new Azure Data Studio is ready. There are a lot of improvements but I like one the most – SentryOne Plan Explorer can be added as an extension! Now you can analyze query plans like you do in SSMS!

Azure DWH part 20: Create External and Internal tables As Select

I think the entire series is worth reading. There is a lot of useful reading especially if you would like to start with Azure DWH from scratch



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