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sp_Blitz for All Servers

Are you a Microsoft SQL Server DBA managing one or more servers?  Then you should know about the First Responder Kit from Brent Ozar Unlimited.  This is a free...


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BBQ Time in Texas

My first go at smokin’ a brisket is documented below. It is summertime and we are stuck at home in isolation, might as well find a new hobby. I...


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OLDEST_PAGE Log Reuse Wait type

Do you frequently use the “log_reuse_wait_type_desc” column in the [crayon-5f297eff3d7ff981952735-i/]  view? Have you ever seen the type of OLDEST_PAGE? You are not the only one!! Recently I was troubleshooting...


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A New Word: Ghough


ghough – n. a hollow place in your psyche that can never be filled;...

T-SQL Tuesday: Encryption and Data Protection


I have the honour of hosting this month’s T-SQL Tuesday. In case there’s any...

Parameterize your Databricks notebooks with widgets


Widgets provide a way to parameterize notebooks in Databricks. If you need to call...

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Hello, I created the below script to output 999 rows from SQL Server table...

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I have a database on SQL 2019 in an Availability Group (AG) and I...

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Hi. Two node windows clusters Node1 and Node2 and configured alwayson availability group. Will...

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