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When I started working at JD Edwards, I was a corporate administrator

on the windows network. Since the DBAs were a part of this group, we

had domain admin privleges to accomplish all work necessary. But we

didn't just get domain admins rights on our accounts, we had a separate

"sa" account that we were supposed to log into when we needed the

rights to do work.

I know I've mentioned this before. It seemed like all my work was, or

most was, admin work, requiring privleges. So I wasn't intersted in

checking email or the ticket Q for work, logging off, logging on, doing

work, logging off, etc. So we had email linked to our "sa" account and

we could at least work though we were supposed to log off for non-work

related stuff, I guess cruising the I-net, etc.

This was when  I wan Windows 2000 and so someone came up with the

idea of using RUNAS and sticking with your regular account and doing a

"runas" with your SA account for work. Well, it didn't work very well

for me, so I abandoned it pretty quickly. After all, we were pretty

busy and I wasn't interested in spending a lot of time messing with

something that didn't work easily and quickly.

So when I got this new laptop, I decided to setup a "regular" power

user under XP Pro that didn't have admin privleges. I was surprised how

many installs brought up the "run as" box and asked me to type in the

administrator password. It seemed to work pretty well.

Until today. I  was looking to install the June CTP and it

complained I needed to run the "build uninstall tool" before

preceeding. Never mind it didn't just give me a button to launch it, I

had to find it by browsing the CD to the "Setup Tools" folder.

So clicked it, it ran and asked to uninstall .NET 2.0, SSIS, and

something  else. I said go and it complained I didn't have admin

privleges. OK, so I logged out, but then stopped. Why not give this a

try. I logged back in as "Steve" and right clicked the Build Uninstall

Utility, checked the "run as Admin box and typed the password and off

it went. Pretty cool!


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