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Reporting Services and Windows 7 Home Premium


Ok, continuing from my post last night about the ‘Run as Administrator’ bug in SSMS, here’s the other half of what I had to do to get Reporting Services running on Windows 7 Home Premium.  The whole issue was that the account I was using did not have permissions to do anything to the reporting services server.  I could not add permissions no matter what I tried.  Running things as an administrator got me a bit farther, but not all the way there.

The root of the problem appears to be that even though you can’t see it, there IS an ‘Administrator’ account, and that is what has permissions by default.  Even though the account I was logged in as was *an* administrator, as far as Reporting Services was concerned, I didn’t have access. 

So how do you fix it?

First, you need to enable the local admin account.

Then, you should probably change the password.  Control Panel –> User Accounts –> Manage Another Account –> Administrator –> Create a Password.

Then, switch users and log into windows using the Administrator account.

Open up a browser and go to localhost/Reports.

Log in as Administrator.

Click on Site Settings –> Security –> New Role Assignment and add your account.

Then click on Home –> Properties –> New Role Assignment and add yourself there as well.

You can now log off of Administrator and carry on your merry way. 


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