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Seen this from Kevin Kline?

We went back and forth along with a few others this morning looking at

the many places, including a book, that Rahul Sharma plagiarized. Seems

like the only things he can write are short pieces that don't contain

more than a paragraph of prose.

I'm annoyed, actually that doesn't cover it. As an author, I'm pissed!

I work hard to write things and it takes time and effort. And having

someone rip off my content and take credit for it is amazing.

I've contacted Tom Rizzo at Microsoft about this and included a few SQL

Server MVPs in the discussion. A public announcement and outing needs

to be made and will be coming on the site.

In the meantime, don't buy Sharma's book: Microsoft SQL Server 2000: A Guide to Enhancements and New Features

It's got stuff ripped directly from TechNet in it. Better yet, send them to and we'll burn them.


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