PASS Chapter Leaders – Remember To Talk About Elections With Your Chapters!

Kendal Van Dyke, 2014-09-23

Last week before our monthly MagicPASS meeting I went through my usual routine of grabbing the PASS chapter deck and noticed that there are no slides mentioning the upcoming Board of Directors elections. I’m surprised because the elections are a great discussion topic for people who might not otherwise be exposed to how PASS is run, or for that matter might not think they’re qualified or informed enough to vote.
I took a few minutes to add a slide to the deck and talked about it during our meeting – why it’s important to vote, the impact Board members have on the organization (and ultimately them), where to start to learn more about candidates, etc. Will someone who wouldn’t have previously considered voting do so now? That’s my hope, anyways, and I know that there’s a better chance of that happening than by not saying anything at all.
Chapter leaders, you can grab the September MagicPASS slides from OneDrive. Elections are on slide #8 but feel free to use any or all of what I added as examples for things to include in your own monthly decks. If your meeting has already happened it’s not too late to remind your members via LinkedIn, Facebook, or your mailing lists that voting opens tomorrow, Sept 24.

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